Waughroon Shrine BCNM Level 50
Comet Orb 50 Beastman Seals
3, 2, 1...
Time Limit : 30 minutes
Maximum Party Size : 6

Monster Details
Immunities Special Abilities
Time Bomb


None Self-Destruct

Combat Details
Time Bomb does not attack. From the point of the first attack made on the Time Bomb, a 60 second clock starts. At the end of the 60 seconds, Time Bomb self-destructs with enough damage to kill any character. If the Time Bomb isn't attacked, the Self-Destruct timer will not begin.

Special Treasures
Lv.50 Dmg:24 Delay:190 Additional Effect: Bind NIN
Lv.48 Dmg:63 Delay:450 SAM
Ocean Belt
Lv.50 Def:4 HP+30 STR+3 DEX+2 INT-5 All Jobs Hume Only
Jungle Belt
Lv.50 Def:4 HP+30 STR+3 VIT+2 INT-5 All Jobs Mithra Only
Steppe Belt
Lv.50 Def:3 HP+40 STR+2 DEX+3 INT-5 All Jobs Tarutaru Only
Desert Belt
Lv.50 Def:5 HP+20 STR+2 AGI+3 INT-5 All Jobs Galka Only
Forest Belt
Lv.50 Def:5 HP+20 DEX+3 AGI+2 MND-5 All Jobs Elvaan Only
Lv.54 BLM
Light Spirit Pact
Lv.1 SMN
Lv.50 BLM
Regen III
Lv.66 WHM
Raise II
Lv.56 WHM

Standard Treasures
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