Courtesy of the chart's creator, Adan Nak, we are able to offer a skillchain chart for for your use. This chart is ~ 17"x22" for clear resolution, so if you wish to print it, you will have to print just the chart, not the entire page, and find a way to resize for paper-size. Also, Adan has been kind enough to allow us to link to the home site for the chart. If any explanation of the elements of the chart are needed, please visit Aden Nak's Renkei Page for more information. Skillchain chart updated per Adan Nak February 16, 2005

Skillchains are a lot easier than most players believe in the beginning, and absolutely essential to survival later in the game. At higher levels, battles with become very difficult without Skillchains (SC) and Magic Bursts (MB).

Skillchains (or Renkei in Japanese) are performed by using specific weapon skills in combination with each other and with correct timing. The first step is finding a working combination. As example, we will use a fictional combination Ear Thumper (A) - Noogies (A). Some combinations are one way, meaning in the example, you might be able to perform only a Ear Thumper to Noogies skillchain. Others are reversable, meaning you can perform a Ear Thumper to Noogies or a Noogies to Ear Thumper combination. In some cases still, Weapon Skills only combine when used as a second, third or fourth in a combination. There is a base Skillchain order formula A-A, A-B, B-B, B-A. This means, in the example above, Ear Thumper and Noogies would only link on the first step of a skillchain. The second, third, and fourth steps of the Skillchain would have to be evaluated for their sub number, but Ear Thumper and Noogies would not link.

In Skillchains, once you have a combination decided, the next part is timing. Before you even start the Skillchain, the party should all be ready to do it. This may seem to go without saying, but team members can not do a Skillchain unless all participating members have at least 100% TP to do their weapon skills. The team members that are participating should have macros to announce TP to the party. When everyone has the TP necessary, the first person in the skill chain should perform a mega-hate action, such as "Provoke" to keep the target sitting still. Many Skillchains can die early when the target creature runs off after the mages and out of range of the melee.

Once the hate is centered on melee, the team member with the first Weapon Skill in the chain use the skill on the target. At that time, the team member with the second weapon skill should already be ready to target their weapon skill. When the battle phrase "[Player A] readies [Weapon Skill]." appears in the battle text, the next member of the chain counts to three and unleashes their weapon skill. The window for the Skillchain is between 3 seconds and 4 seconds, so if the second player unleashes the Weapon Skill too soon or too late, then the two weapon skills do not combine into a Skillchain.

If the Skillchain is succesful, then a follow-up graphic is unleashed on the target, such as an explosion or similar effect. The battle text will state "Skillchain: [Chain Type]", such as Fragmentation or Fusion. Following the announcement of the Skillchain the battle text will reflect the amount of damage done by the Skillchain. This is Skillchain damage alone, and with good amounts of TP, the Skillchain damage can rival and in some cases surpass the weapon skill damage. Skillchain damage, however, it purely elemental. This means two things. One is that creatures with above average physical resistance or magic resistance still take powerful damage from a Skillchain. The other is that if you can line up the Skillchain element with the target creature's elemental weakness, you can increase the damage even more.

One last note to make it more with the weapon skill usage. Some job skills allow a player to increase their weapon skill's damage by yet even more, such as a thief using "Sneak Attack" before their weapon skill. Effects which increase the damage of the weapon skills also increase the damage of the Skillchain. All in all, Skillchains can make a melee character's job much more fun, but also much more work to handle.

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