Nephilim is a Carbuncle based Link Shell. It was originally founded November of 2003, and has come a long way since then. The original members came together after the disbanding of a previous linkshell, rising from it's ashes, as it were. At that time the new founding members came together to set a refined set of rules for a better linkshell.

The first and most impacting decision was the new recruitment policy. It was recognized that the players Nephilim wants are good people, not just strong players. Nephilim wanted a member base of people that get along together well, help each other, and respect each other. To ensure the best quality were chosen, a rule was set down that any person wishing to be recruited must have support from multiple members of the shell, and no one within the shell could be against the player. That is to say, Nephilim members must know and like the recruit, and no one within the linkshell would not get along or dislike the recruit. That helped each recruit and the linkshell tremendously, as every member gets off to a good start, and each new recruit is recognized from the point of getting a new pearl that they are a good player. Confidence is important to us. To ensure that the recruitment policy is adhered to, the second, and unaminous ruling was made that there would be no Pearl Bags.

In December of 2003, The two linkshells Nephilim and Dark Hour merged to create a larger member base. Dark Hour members joined Nephilim enmass. Dark Hour members agreed to adhere to Nephilim code, and in general all things have come together well. The larger member base has allowed Nephilim members more support and options for advancing themselves. Within a few weeks, Nephilim became one of the first North American linkshells to organize Rank 4 and Rank 5 mission runs, and at that time over 60 members and friends to the shell acheived rank at once.

In March or 2004, Again Nephilim absorbed another linkshell. Linkshell Ashura requested mass recruitment, and Nephilim heard and accepted the call. The shell had suffered declines in membership, and Nephilim was more than proud to offer a new home to their experienced players.

PlayOline granted Linkshell Nephilim site community site status, making Linkshell Nephilim an official Final Fantasy Community Site on June 8, 2004. We are proud to help represent the FFXI community, and hope our game experience can make the Final Fantasy experience better for others.

Sarizaddi is dubbed the Linkshell Holder, but not it's owner. Nephilim belongs to the members of Nephilim, Sarizaddi is Nephilim's servant. At times, Sarizaddi acts as Nephilim's voice, but her words are rulings by the majority, or on the core rules decided by Nephilim. She never asks of Nephilim of her own accord. Any time the majority makes a decision that impacts the linkshell, Sarizaddi acts as directed. Any time a new player passes recruitment, she awards the pearl. It is her responsibility to bring the pearl to them, if they do not go to her. Sarizaddi is also holding the linkshell mules. Mule Inventory is posted for all to see, and player sending to or wishing to recieve from should direct inquiries to her.

Linkshell site is set up originally for Nephilim information by Nephilim information. Over the course of time, it will increase in size to accomidate a much larger membership, but the request to expand the site or include new information are heard from the Linkshell first. Again, Sarizaddi maintains the site as well, and site creation and maintaining are shared with the linkshell any time the majority requests.

And for those that ever wondered about the meaning of the word Nephilim:

\Neph"i*lim\, n. pl. [Heb. n[e^]ph[=i]l[=i]m.] Giants. --Gen. vi. 4. Num. xiii. 33. Nephilim: The Apocryphal race of giants spawned by the union of the Watchers (angels) and human women. "Nephilim" is a Hebrew word meaning "those who have fallen."

Gen. 6:4 The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

The story goes that a group of 200 angels, all of the Watcher Order, saw the beauty of human women in the days after Eden. The lust between the Watchers and the women they took for wives created giant offspring that were bound to the earth, but whose spirits were in the heavens. Most depictions tell of Nephilim being mean spirited and having caused the originally fall of man (hence the flood), but other passages tell of some Nephilim being heroes among men. After the flood, it is hinted that the Nephilim became the evil spirits that are to haunt men until the apocalypse.


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